Faith quotes in wake of Uvalde shooting

May 28, 2022
"As a pastor, my message to our community is, though it's dark now and though it doesn't seem like there is much hope, the light will shine again. The light is going to shine again, here in Uvalde, Texas…"
"Sometimes, there are no words… Sometimes there are no answers… Sometimes there is only evil, eclipsing… Always there is action we must take…
Always there is hope…
Always there is love… Always…"
"God have mercy on our children, their families, their communities. Darkness is dense with one more shooting in our country. Let us help one another to spark light and warmth. May we keep each other in company. Prayers are needed."
"Ignore the cynics, and pray with all your heart. Let your cries reach to the heavens. Let your anger and despair be your prayer. And listen to God answering in return…. Love with all you’ve got, and never, ever surrender to the darkness."
"Give yourself and others compassion for the diverse ways we experience and express grief. Whether you are weeping, posting, distracting, praying, strategizing, or raging, your heart deserves tenderness."
“The traumas that we are facing are manmade. It is going to take the community of man to fight against it. Together, we can serve God by serving the community.”

Faith leaders around the nation react to the shooting in Uvalde, Texas. SmartHER News founder Jenna Lee said earlier this week, “Faith is not absent from the news – Faith is absent from the press.” While won’t prioritize faith over facts, we want to share these sentiments as we continue to cover the developing story in Uvalde, Texas.

The Archbishop of San Antonio, Gustavo Garcia-Siller’s Twitter post

Rabbi Steve Leder, Senior Rabbi at Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles, CA: Link to his Instagram post

Doug Swimmer, the Pastor of Uvalde Potter’s House Church in Uvalde in a TV interview with Newsmax

A letter from David Reed, Episcopal Bishop of West Texas (including Uvalde, TX).

Dr. Thema Bryant’s Instagram post – she is an ordained elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, psychologist, and president-elect of the American Psychological Association.

Local religious leaders pray for the families of the victims in mass shootings in Texas and New York State

by Jenna Lee,