fall foliage

October 7, 2021
fall foliage

Fall is sort of this understudied season because it’s so much harder to be like, ‘Is this peak?'”

Environmental scientist, Stephanie Spera, assistant professor at the University of Richmond.
  • Scientists say the fall foliage is delayed due to warmer weather later in the year, potentially an impact of climate change (you need cooler nights for the leaves to change).
  • Spera says her recent work shows fall foliage in some areas has been delayed later in the season by about a day every decade.
  • Some scientists say the delay in foliage changes may impact the type and kinds of trees that thrive (and consequently the colors we see).
  • Why It Matters: The delay in fall foliage isn't consistent everywhere, so the potential impact on forests isn't entirely known. However, this is an interesting trend to be aware of as you're looking at fall's colors this year!

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by Jenna Lee,