Father Ovanes Who Serves in a 12th Century Armenian Dadivank Monastery in a Contested Territory, Now Ceded to Azerbaijan Due to a Cease Fire Agreement.

November 15, 2020
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I was prepared and I said: I’m not getting out of here.

  • Armenia and Azerbaijan have battled over a territory held by Armenians in an area some, including Turkey, consider Azerbijian.
  • The battle over this territory dates back decades.
  • The region called the Southern Caucuses sits between Turkey, Russia and Iran.
  • The truce apparently will cede some of the Armenian held areas to Azerbaijan – the deadline for Armenians like Father Ovanes to leave was just extended until November 25th.
  • Part of the agreement included the protection of important historical sites like this monastery.
  • Armenians in the area have reportedly burned property such as schools, and sent relics out of the area in order to preserve items of historical importance. Azerbaijan calls the destruction of property “ecological terror.
  • Why It Matters: Armenia, a predominately Christian nation with ties to Russia, and Azerbaijan (a predominately Muslim nation with allies like Turkey) have fought in the past – The question is whether this conflict has the possibility of spilling over and involving more firepower from some of the other countries that find the territory (or its symbolism) important.

Here’s a good read from Reuters

by Jenna Lee,