FDA Advisory Panel Hearing

September 20, 2021
FDA Advisory Panel Hearing

I know many think the vaccine hesitant are dumb or just misinformed – that’s not at all what I’ve seen.

Dr. Joseph Fraiman during an FDA advisory panel hearing on COVID-19 booster shots, requesting larger trials.
  • Fraiman is an emergency room physician, educated at Cornell University's medical school & working in an emergency room in New Orleans.
  • He says more than 65% of the public in his area are not vaccinated, and that many of the nurses in his hospital are refusing the vaccine.
  • Fraiman is requesting help to reduce vaccine hesitancy: "We need larger trials that demonstrate the vaccines reduce hospitalization, without finding evidence of serious harm."
  • He also says the current vaccine trials simply aren't large enough or comprehensive enough to reduce doubt, and he wants larger trials done for booster shots. He says without larger trials, medical professionals like himself cannot confidently state the efficacy of the vaccine.

Why This Matters: This is just one example of a physician stepping forward to raise concerns during the FDA's advisory panel meeting (which includes public comments like Fraiman's) examining the third booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine. The FDA usually follows the advisory panel's recommendations, which included a booster for those over 65 or at higher risk – an official decision is expected this week.

Listen to the complete advisory panel meeting here:

Listen to Dr. Fraiman here: 4:16:20 (he gives a 3 minute commentary).

by Jenna Lee,