Finding America: The Last Stand

October 28, 2022
A sketch of the Battle of Little Bighorn

The Battle of Little Bighorn also known as “Custer’s Last Stand” remains one of the most famous battles between the Plain Indians and the U.S. government.

The battle proved a massive victory for the Lakota and Cheyenne Indians, who rejected the U.S. government’s orders to retreat to reservations. In total, 210 U.S. soldiers were killed and as did an estimated 50 of Sitting Bull’s followers – the exact number is unknown.

As you’ll hear in our interview with professor, artist and historian Michael Donahue, the phrase “The Last Stand” resonates on both sides – the last stand for those who died that day as well as the last stand for a way of life.

Just a personal note – this battlefield is a somber, beautiful, sacred place where you feel the weight of the history. I feel like I only have more questions about that fateful day and the chapters before and after.

Have you visited? Where should we go next?

by Jenna Lee,