First meeting of European Political Community

October 6, 2022
Prague skyline

It’s interesting because here we have EU leaders and non-EU countries meeting and really talking about European politics, not just in the EU context.

Iceland Prime Minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir. Over 40 European leaders are gathering in Prague for the first meeting of the European Political Community.

Why It Matters: French President Emmanuel Macron initiated a meeting among European nations to dialogue and "strengthen the security, stability, and prosperity" of the continent. Distinct from other entities such as NATO or the UN, the group consists of all EU members as well as non-EU members, like the United Kingdom, Armenia, and Iceland. No formal declaration regarding decisions will be issued after the meeting.

This is the most large-scale forum European nations have had since the war in Ukraine began. Russia and Belarus were not invited to attend.

European Political Community: European leaders gather to discuss new club of nations (EuroNews)

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by Jenna Lee,