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May 13, 1995

“I am on the top of the world and I love you dearly.”

A British mother sends this message to her children as she becomes the first woman to summit Everest unaided.

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Alison Hargreaves

  • Developed a love for climbing as a child in Britain.
  • Her 6 & 4-year-old son & daughter stayed with her husband in Scotland as she attempted her summit.
  • Climbed Everest with NO supplemental oxygen (only second person in history to do so), and did not use ropes left by other climbers.
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“My kids are pretty active, and they need a lot of time and energy, which is great. But sometimes you need a break. I found that solo climbing was totally opposite to looking after the kids because it’s so self-indulgent.”

Alison Hargreaves describing how she got into "solo-climbing." She said it was hard for her to find climbing partners because her husband, a climbing photographer, was often traveling. When he got home, he'd watch the kids and she'd head to the mountains alone.
On This Day

3 months after her historic Everest summit, she also became one of the first women to summit Pakistan's K2, one of the world's highest peaks, but didn't survive the descent. Tragically, her 30-year-old son died climbing in Pakistan this past March.

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