Flu Cases On The Rise in the United States

February 7, 2024

… we are still seeing a lot of activity right now.

Alicia Budd, leader of domestic flu surveillance for the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Why It Matters: According to CDC data surveying flu cases in the week which ended on January 27, 82,000+ people who went to an emergency department received a diagnosis of influenza, marking an 8% increase from the week prior. The positivity rate for those taking a flu test has also increased nationwide, however, the CDC notes that trends vary by region.A post-holiday bump in flu activity is typical, though Budd explains, “We’re still at the midpoint of the season. It’s too early to tell exactly where we are in our ultimate trajectory.” Experts say it’s typically difficult to predict the severity/length of flu season.

Regarding COVID-19: As COVID-19 emergency department visits have been decreasing in the U.S., epidemiologist and chief science officer of telehealth company eMed, Dr. Michael Mina, said: “It’s not so much that flu is now replacing Covid, it’s just like: Covid did its thing and now it’s coming down. [Covid is] doing exactly the identical thing as it’s done, and in this case, we just have a flu season that shifted a little bit to the right. Flu shifts by orders of months actually from year to year. Covid is a little bit more consistent.”

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by Emily Hooker, based in Texas