Food crisis worsens in West Africa

April 5, 2022
Food crisis reaches new levels in West Africa

What is new and worsening is mainly all the displaced people and abandoned land because of conflict, but also we are witnessing new drivers.

Assalama Dawalack Sidi, regional director for West and Central Africa of Oxfam International — a nonprofit that focuses on poverty.
  • West Africa — including Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad, Mali, and Nigeria — is facing its worst food crisis in ten years, with numbers expected to rise in the coming months.
  • Why: Regional conflict, drought/environmental degradation, and the recent impact of the war in Ukraine on food prices and availability.
  • An alert was issued by eleven international organizations in response to recent March 2022 analyses.

Why It Matters: Six West African countries import about 30-50% of their wheat from Ukraine and Russia, so the war in Ukraine is drastically affecting their supply. These nonprofits are also worried about future funding, citing that "many donors have already indicated that they may cut funding for Africa to pay for refugees in Europe," according to Sidi.

West Africa faces historical food crisis driven by conflict, price surge (Reuters)

Joint statement from 11 international aid organizations

by Jenna Lee,