Foreign Minister of Islamic Republic of Iran, Javad Zarif, After What Appears to Be the Targeted Killing of an Iranian Scientist, Allegedly Involved in Developing Nuclear Weapons.

November 27, 2020

Terrorists murdered an eminent Iranian scientist today. This cowardice — with serious indications of Israeli role — shows desperate warmongering of perpetrators.

  • Zarif continued in Persian on social media (this is the translation): “Once again, Iran is a victim of terrorism, with the assassination of one of its great scholars by terrorists. Our heroes have always faced terrorism in order to establish security and stability in the region and the world.”
  • According to reports, Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a top scientist in Iran, reportedly involved in the development of the Iranian nuclear program, was attacked while in a car (by both gunmen and a truck bomb) – he reportedly later died in a hospital. (Here’s photos from the scene)
  • Iran has referred to Fakhrizadeh as a “physics professor” – but the United States and United Nation have both placed sanctions on him for his work with the Iranian military/Iranian Revolutionary Guard.
  • Iran blames Israel. Israel, at the time of this writing, has not made a statement.
  • Experts quoted by the Associated Press believe Iran has the material and technology to make at least two nuclear weapons, despite the country’s ongoing denial of the program. Israel has remained steadfast that Iran will not develop a nuclear weapon.
  • Sec. of State Mike Pompeo traveled to the Middle East last week and had a meeting with the Saudi Crown prince and reportedly, a notable meeting with the Saudi Prince AND Israeli prime-minister.
  • Why It Matters: This news follows the targeted killing of a senior al-Qaeda leader in Iran several weeks ago, and the targeted killing of a top Iranian general at the beginning of the year. As political disputes continue to dominate American news, the story serves as a reminder of what to watch as Iran has remained designated a state-sponsor of terror since the early 1980s, through multiple U.S. presidential administrations, both republican and democrat.

Here’s a good read on the latest news.

Here’s a review of what happened in January: “Bigger Than Bin Laden”

by Jenna Lee,