Former U.S. President Donald Trump Arraigned In Miami

June 13, 2023
Photo of a judges gavel

We most certainly enter a plea of not guilty.

Todd Blanche, a lawyer representing former President Donald Trump in a federal case related to allegations he mishandled classified documents. Pres. Trump, who was released without bond, is the first U.S. president to face federal charges.

Why It Matters: This plea was entered on behalf of the former President at his arraignment at a federal courthouse in Miami, Florida on Tuesday, marking the first hearing in the unprecedented criminal prosecution against Pres. Trump. In what The Associated Press describes as "a stunning moment in American history," Pres. Trump pled not guilty to 37 felony counts related to allegations he unlawfully retained and mishandled classified documents (incl. documents related to national security) after he left the White House, and then conspired to obstruct justice by hiding those classified documents from federal authorities. If found guilty on all charges, he could face decades in prison. A personal aide to the former President, Walt Nauta, also appeared in the courthouse on Tuesday facing charges related to allegations that he conspired with Pres. Trump. Nauta will enter his plea in late June.

Pres. Trump (the current 2024 GOP presidential frontrunner) has denied the allegations "saying he's been unfairly targeted by political opponents who want to hurt his campaign," The AP reports. He is expected to deliver remarks at his golf club in New Jersey, at 8:15 pm Eastern Time.

What's Next? The New York Times explains, "Now that Trump has entered his plea of not guilty, his case will, barring the unforeseen, follow a familiar path. The government will begin to reveal its evidence through the discovery process. Pretrial motions will be filed and argued. All of that will likely take months."

Trump indictment timeline – What happens after arraignment (CBS News)

by Jenna Lee,