Founder of Smarther News, Jenna Lee.

October 3, 2020

…I didn’t build SmartHER News just to change news delivery – I wanted to enrich your whole experience.

Sometimes, we just need to see things differently.

When I launched SmartHER News, I simply wanted to see news differently.

I dreamed of my ideal news platform: a quick and easy news source, fiercely nonpartisan, committed to high-quality information in small bites.

And for two and a half years, I – along with a handful of dedicated teammates – have worked to make it a reality, and we feel more inspired than ever that SmartHER News is blooming at just the right time.

But I didn’t build SmartHER News just to change news delivery – I wanted to enrich your whole experience.

So I eliminated all the things I hate! Pop-up ads that suddenly cover the screen. Annoying commercials that start playing on blast (usually when you’re in a quiet coffee shop). And firewalls that force you to subscribe.

I don’t want any of that!

But we do want to grow our team so we can better serve you.

So I thought, “If I could support a company I believed in, how would I want to do it?”

I’d want something cool. Something smart. Something that made me feel good and a part of the mission.

And here’s what happened:

From our headquarters in Texas, we worked with a small business owner in Virginia (Jennifer), and an artist in Arizona (Delfina), to create our first SmartHER product.

These engraved mugs have all 50 U.S. states etched in a new image of America – unique, diverse, beautiful and full of grit (it will not damage in the dishwasher).

They come in handy (and in a few different sizes), keep your drink hot or cold, and the design serves as a gentle reminder of the United States right before Election Day.

By purchasing one of these mugs you can become part of the team – your support goes directly to helping SmartHER News grow.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

Thank you for helping us turn this dream into a reality.

We are deeply grateful…you inspire us each and every day.

In gratitude,


by Jenna Lee,