Fountain of Youth

September 12, 2018



Can young bloodA reverse aging?

Fad or Solid Science?

Tech’s “Death Disruption”

  • Next Big Thing? Silicon Valley start-ups currently investing millions on the use of young blood to heal, or even reverse, signs of aging like memory loss.
  • How It Works: Blood transfusions from a young person to an older person.
  • Most promising research done on mice, not conclusive for humans.

Why It Matters: Panacea?

‘Instead of taking a drug for your heart and a drug for your muscles and a drug for your brain, maybe you could come up with something that affected them all.”

Dr. Amy Wagers, Harvard professor, who showed the blood of young mice rejuvenates the hearts of old mice. Some experts believe young blood may treat Alzheimer’s & heart disease.

Something To Consider:

Side Effects: Some believe young blood may cause cells to multiply uncontrollably (how cancer starts).

Unknowns: Cost, dosage, frequency and quality control. One U.S. clinical trial offered teenage blood to elderly at $8K/treatment, but with no peer review or control study, some questioned company’s proclaimed positive results.

Young blood research focuses on the internal – it won’t erase wrinkles. But “vampire facials” use the same blood therapy often used by athletes to repair muscles in an attempt to reverse the signs of aging. Is this the next logical step in the anti-aging industry?

by Jenna Lee,