Four-day school week

December 20, 2022
Students sitting in a school classroom with teacher standing giving a lesson in the front

APPROVED: The Independence School District will move to a four-day instructional school week beginning in the 2023-2024 school year …

Independence School District in Missouri – one of the latest schools to adopt a four-day school week. Students will attend classes Tuesday through Friday with each school day extended by 35 minutes.

Why It Matters: Many school districts, such as one in North Texas, are considering transitioning to a four-day school schedule due to staff shortages (teachers, bus drivers, and custodians, etc.). According to a 2021 study, more than 1,600 schools in 24 states have a four-day school week. Most of them are located in small rural towns.

Beyond the classroom: A pilot program testing out the four-day work week among offices recently concluded. Out of the nearly 1,000 participants from the U.S. and Ireland, 97% of those who completed a survey after the study said they want to keep the four-day work week.

Missouri School District Adopts 4-Day School Week, Faces Mixed Reactions From Parents (NBC Connecticut)

Workers who tested 4-day workweek say they’ll never return to 5 days—or only with a huge pay bump (CNBC)

by Jenna Lee,