Four Former Fda Commissioners Advocating for Better Studies on Convalescent Plasma Therapy.

August 4, 2020

While vaccine development continues, it’s important to advance every promising treatment option to improve the odds for those who become sick.

  • FDA commissioners (Mark McClellan, Margaret Hamburg, Robert Califf and Scott Gottlieb) want to shine a spotlight on the need for strong, quick scientific trials on convalescent plasma treatment for COVID-19.
  • Convalescent plasma basics: someone who recovered from an infection can share their blood plasma with immune boosting antibodies with someone of the same blood type struggling with the same infection.
  • Currently about 80,000+ Americans are involved in the trial.
  • History: Treatment use: “against the flu in 1918 as well as SARS, Ebola, meningitis and measles.”
  • Why It Matters: In the past, convalescent plasma has been used to treat a range of infections/diseases. The FDA commissioners argue the U.S. has been a leader in plasma treatment, and should be so as well with strong scientific trials to prove whether it can work for COVID-19.

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Dr. Darria shares with SmartHER News why blood matters in new COVID-19 research and convalescent plasma treatment. Promising News on COVID-19?

by Jenna Lee,