Four U.S. Professors Stabbed in China

June 11, 2024

I’m just extremely grateful that my brother is OK and that he survived this attack.

Iowa state representative Adam Zabner on a stabbing attack on four Americans connected to Cornell College – including his own brother – on Monday, June 10. Chinese authorities say they arrested a suspect in the case though the motive remains unknown.

Why It Matters: All four victims survived. Early reports indicated that the attack happened when the teachers were walking in a nearby park but details remains TBD. The teachers are in China as part of a program with their home school, Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa.

Context: “The attack in Jilin Monday comes as China has been seeking to draw back international visitors following three years of stringent Covid-19 border controls. It also comes amid efforts to boost educational exchanges with the United States as the two countries look to stabilize their fraught relationship.” (CNN)

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Image Credit: Msnox / Wikimedia Commons

by Jenna Lee,