Francis Suarez Presidential Announcement

June 19, 2023

It’s time for a leader who believes in America’s greatest power: Americans, who stare into the infinity of possibilities and helps every American find their purpose by helping them each make a dent in the universe. And that is why … I filed paperwork to run for President of the United States of America.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez (R) announcing his presidential bid for the White House.

Why It Matters: Suarez, the current mayor of Miami, enters the race as the 11th Republican candidate and only Hispanic candidate in the race. In his speech on Thursday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California he said, “It’s time for a leader who can connect with segments of our country that Republicans have historically lost, like young voters and urban voters, and segments we can make gains with, like Hispanics and suburban women.”

Background: Suarez (45) was born in Miami, Florida and is of Cuban American descent. He earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from Florida International University and earned his law degree from the University of Florida in 2004. He “is the son of Miami’s first Cuban-born mayor and if elected, will himself become the first sitting mayor to be elected president (CBS News).

Did you know? The Miami Herald reports that Suarez has played a large role in Miami’s prominence as a “tech and finance hub, especially after his viral Twitter post asking ‘How can I help?’ to an investment fund floating the idea of moving all of Silicon Valley to Miami in late 2020. Two years later, the Financial Times declared Miami ‘the most important city in America’ and Suarez was invited to speak at the buzzy World Economic Forum held each year in Davos, Switzerland.”

WATCH Mayor Francis Suarez’s full announcement HERE.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez enters crowded GOP presidential race (CBS News)

As Miami’s part-time mayor, Francis Suarez has little power but a big spotlight (Miami Herald)

by Jenna Lee,