Frozen Pizza Recall

September 28, 2021
Frozen Pizza Recall

The frozen pepperoni pizza product carton may actually contain frozen three meat pizza, which contains textured soy protein.

Food Safety and Inspection Service, US Dept. of Agriculture, on a recall of frozen DiGiorno pizza.
  • Nearly 28,000 pounds of Nestle DiGiorno pizza has been recalled "due to misbranding and undeclared allergens."
  • The issue? The pepperoni pizza contains the ingredients of the three meat pizza – which contains soy.
  • No adverse reactions (for example: from someone with a soy allergy) have been reported.
  • Why It Matters: 31 recall cases identified last year – with most focused on an undeclared allergen. The number of recalls in 2020 were more than 3x *lower* than other periods. For the last three years, recalls have consistently topped 120 per year.

The link to the recall information

by Jenna Lee,