funeral of Queen Elizabeth

September 19, 2022
The Queen on her beloved walks, hiking up a hill out of her typical royal clothes.

Goodbye to a Queen, a mother, a grandmother and a great grandmother.

Prince and Princess of Wales on the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The Queen was laid to rest at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.
  • The flowers on her coffin (chosen by the late Queen) include: "Rosemary, English Oak and Myrtle (cut from a plant grown from Myrtle in The Queen's wedding bouquet) and flowers, in shades of gold, pink and deep burgundy, with touches of white, cut from the gardens of Royal Residences." Buckingham Palace.
  • Early estimates suggest 4 billion people watched the Queens funeral – roughly 1 out of every 2 people on the planet – making it potentially the most viewed broadcast in history.
  • Here are some amazing statistic put together by The Associated Press on the historic event.

by Jenna Lee,