Good Samaritan in Buffalo

December 29, 2022
Broken window

I walked till I cried. It’s the only time in my life I actually thought I was going to die.

Jay Withey, a resident of western New York, who left a note apologizing for breaking a school window to gain entry in order to save himself and two dozen other people during a historic blizzard.
  • Jay, whose own truck became stranded in the blizzard Friday night, was able to gather another 24 people stuck in their cars on Christmas Eve and helped guide them to a school building that provided refuge from the deadly storm.
  • Jay and others used the school resources (including some food) but with restraint: "You found something that’s helping you out. You want to give it as much respect as possible."
  • More than 39 people died in the Buffalo area during the Christmas blizzard, and that number is still expected to rise.
  • After a day spent escaping the storm, Jay used a school snow blower to clear snow and help free the cars of his fellow stranded drivers. He also tried to repair the broken window. When asked about the meaning of Christmas, he said:

    "'It was a Christmas miracle we could be together … It has a totally different meaning now,' Withey responded. 'Honestly one of the most memorable Christmas’s of my life and none of them are family,' he said. 'They are now.'"

Hear Jay's interview here.

Here's the local police report looking for Jay before he was identified.

by Jenna Lee,