Gov. Abbott To Build Military Base Near Texas-Mexico Border

February 21, 2024

Before now, the Texas National Guard had been scattered across this entire region in cramped quarters…

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) during a news conference announcing that Texas will build a new military base for National Guard members near the southern border.

What To Know: On Friday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced a new military base for National Guard members in Eagle Pass, a town on the southern border. The base will hold up to 2,300 soldiers with an expected 300-bed capacity by mid-April, with an additional 300 beds each month until completion. The announcement comes amid ongoing tension between Texas and the federal government over immigration policy and the number of people attempting entry at the border.

Gov. Abbott said, “As opposed to being scattered around many different places across this region, they will be operating out of one place. It will amass a large army in a very strategic area.”

Prior to Gov. Abbott’s most recent announcement, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas discussed other actions by the Texas governor earlier this month and said, “It is unconscionable for a public official, to deliberately refuse to communicate, coordinate, collaborate with other public officials in the service of our nation’s interests, and to refuse to do so with the hope of creating disorder for others.

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by Sarah Pinkerton, based in Paris