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“the largest group ever”

More than 1,000 people illegally crossed the U.S. Southern Border together on Wednesday –A a record for Border Patrol.

The President promises a solution as a judge blocks portions of a border wall from being built.

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  • 1,036 ppl illegally crossed the border Wednesday.
  • More than twice the amount of the last “largest group ever.”
  • Mostly “family members” (934) & unaccompanied children (63).
  • Big Picture: Large groups from Central America (adults traveling with children) continue to flood the border; This is unique in American history.
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Why It Matters

Southern Border apprehensions have dramatically increased in recent months due to family units.

“The apprehension of 1,036 individuals in a single group…demonstrates the severity of the border security and humanitarian crisis at our Southwest border.a

U.S. Customs & Border Protection
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What You Should Know:

  • Current Policy: Those who Illegally cross the border are processed & released in America, likely within 2-3 days; rarely detained.
  • Border Wall:A Last Friday a federal judge blocked *some* portions of the border wall from being built. Pres. declared nat’l emergency in Feb. to divert federal funds for project; WH appealing ruling.
Now You Know

As Pres. Trump promises to deliver his "biggest statement" on the border, you can watch the largest group in history crossing in El Paso where Border Patrol uses both border barriers and surveillance cameras. See it on our source page.

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