Historic Coin is Found

April 14, 2021
Historic Coin is Found

For me, it’s always been about the thrill of the hunt, not about the money. The only thing better than finding these objects is the long-lost stories behind them.

Amateur historian Jim Bailey who discovered one of the oldest coins ever found in North America – believed to have been brought over by a pirate at the center of one of the first worldwide manhunts.

Bailey, a “metal detectorist,” found the “pocket change” believed to be minted in Yemen in the 1690s. The coins, with distinct Arabic writing, were discovered in a “pick-your-own-fruit” orchard in Rhode Island.

  • The coins *may* tie to a mystery – of English pirate Capt. Henry Every and his crew, thought responsible for a terrible robbery of an Indian ship but who “vanished” shortly after.
  • The coins support a theory that the pirates fled to modern New England, attempting to “blend in” before fleeing back to Europe.
  • Why It Matters: What happened to Captain Every is a 300+ year mystery/manhunt. The coins are among the oldest found in North America.


by Jenna Lee,