Historic Holiday Cookie

December 21, 2021
Historic Holiday Cookie

Historic Holiday Cookie

A recipe that dates back more than 350 years becomes a SmartHER treat.
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The sweet red jam cookies you see in bakeries all over the world are "Linzer" cookies, an adaptation of the Linzertorte — an Austrian holiday cake named after its place of origin (Linz, Austria) and known to be one of the oldest cake recipes in the world.

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(We chose a southern recipe since we are headquartered in Texas!)

The original Linzer cookie is believed to have been made from the scraps of a Linzertorte; the layered cookie sandwiches now come in various shapes and sizes for the holiday season. Like the torte, the Linzer cookie is made up of flour, nuts, butter, lemon zest, and fruit preserves. Many believed its first-known documentation could be found a 1696 cookbook. In 2005, however, it was discovered in a Veronese manuscript dated 1653!

The inventor of the original cookie recipe remains unclear — but a traveling painter from Austria, Franz Holzlhuber, is widely credited with introducing the torte itself to Milwaukee in the 1850s, prompting its subsequent spread across America.

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