Hollie McKay in Ukraine

March 17, 2022
Journalist and war reporter Hollie McKay reporting from Ukraine.

On Tuesday mid-afternoon Hollie sent us the beginning of this report. We had both heard of the possible death of at least one journalist, maybe two (both had not been confirmed publicly at the time) – the serious injury of another, a former colleague of ours, was already public.


The reports of the next 24-48 hours heightened concerned – a lockdown was already announced so people who had not left, knew they could be stuck – and if what happened to other Ukrainian cities happens to Kyiv, that would mean no safe escape, no water, no food, no electricity, and no way to work (no internet).


Hollie thought the world of Pierre Zakrzewski, the photojournalist killed by Russian forces. Pierre was someone she communicated regularly with in Ukraine and beyond. That loss is acute and one for Hollie to share. But the decision to leave is never an easy one, and Hollie's dedication to sharing the stories often overlooked is unmatched. We plan to speak early next week so you can hear what she's learned in her travels.


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by Jenna Lee,