Hollywood Striker’s Tentative Deal

September 26, 2023

What we have won in this contract … is due to the willingness of this membership to exercise its power, to demonstrate its solidarity, to walk side-by-side, to endure the pain and uncertainty of the past 146 days.

The Writer’s Guild of America says in a statement issued to its members on Sunday. A tentative deal has been reached between screenwriters and studios that may lead to the end of the nearly five-month strike.

The Big Picture: Days short of becoming the longest strike in Hollywood’s history, writers and studios have reached a preliminary agreement. After five days of negotiations, union leaders and Hollywood studios have reached a tentative deal on a path to end the nearly five-month screenwriter’s strike. What’s next? The Writer’s Guild of America must vote to pass the agreement to its members for ratification. This vote is scheduled for Tuesday.

The WGA says it will provide a summary of the deal once leadership votes to pass it. The WGA has already called the deal “… exceptional — with meaningful gains and protections for writers in every sector of the membership.”

The WGA has suspended picketing, but nobody has returned to work.

Worth Noting: Late night and daytime talk shows could return soon, though if the deal is made official, scripted TV wouldn’t restart production due to a separate strike led by actors and other Hollywood employees. The WGA has encouraged writers to join the actors’ union (SAG-AFTRA) pickets.

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by Jenna Lee,