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What to know as the parents of 52+ million K-12 students suddenly become teachers due to COVID-19

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“I’ve never been to school. I grew up homeschooled, stayed homeschooled, never was not homeschooled.”

Grammy-winning recording artist Billie Eilish. The 18-year-old and her producer/collaborator brother, Finneas O'Connell, both have spoken supportively of their homeschool experience. Their father says he was inspired to homeschool after learning that Hanson, a successful music trio of brothers, didn't attend traditional school.
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Homeschool History

  • Mandatory school attendance laws weren’t enacted nationwide until 1918.
  • 1972: the Supreme Court ruled religious freedom gave parents the right to educate at home. Homeschooling did not become legal in every state until 1993.
  • From 1999 to 2016, the number of homeschooled students nearly doubled to 1.6 million.
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Top Three Reasons Parents Homeschool

  • Misgivings about school environment (ex: safety, drugs, negative peer pressure).
  • Disapproval of academics / teaching at available schools.
  • Need to provide religious instruction.

National Center For Education Statistics

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“Real life isn’t broken up into subjects or class periods; it comes to you as a whole. I want to foster a real love for learning in my kids; I want them to fall in love with knowledge for its own sake, to cherish their gifts and run with them, and to want to dive into creative challenges without feeling stuck in a grade level or a box.”

Natalie, freelance copyeditor for SmartHER News & homeschooling mom of 5 (!) children ages 6-16
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Homeschooling: U.S.A.

Homeschool laws vary by state. Ex: Some states require parents to achieve a certain level of education in order to teach; others mandate certain subjects and/or standardized tests.

Homeschool organizations help provide parents guidance (ex: curriculum models), and social networks for kids.

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One great resource for all parents now and in general? The Library of Congress. HOW'S HOMESCHOOLING GOING FOR YOU? Any tips to share?

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