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3 Marines died in Afghanistan this week.

One American diplomat says the best way to honor them is to continue negotiations with the group that killed them.

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What Happened:

  • Roadside bomb targeted a convoy near Bagram Airfield, a major transportation hub for American forces. Taliban claimed responsibility.
  • 3 Americans killed, 3 injured. Initial reporting: an American contractor killed. That contractor, an Afghan, survived.
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“Firefighter Slutman bravely wore two uniforms and committed his life to public service both as a New York City firefighter and as a member of the United States Marine Corps.”

NYC Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro speaking about Staff Sgt. Christopher Slutman, a 15-year veteran of the NYFD. Slutman, 43, was married with 3 daughters.
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“He was all around a great guy with an upbeat attitude who loved the Corps through and through… He would know how to get everyone’s morale and attitude back on track.”

Marine veteran Sam Belli who served previously with Sgt. Ben Hines, 31, who joined the Marines in 2006, also deployed previously to Iraq.
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“I am the proudest dad on earth.”

Erik Hendriks, father of Cpl. Robert Hendriks, 25, who was on his first deployment. Hendriks and others were part of a mission to train NATO troops. In 2018, 13 American soldiers died in Afghanistan. 7 soldiers have died so far in 2019. Approximately 14,000 soldiers are currently serving in America's longest war.
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“The best way to honor our fallen heroes and their families is to make sure those responsible are brought to justice, and to end the Afghan war with a peace agreement that ensures Afghanistan is never again a threat to the US while dramatically reducing our burden.”

U.S. Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad who spearheads negotiations between the U.S., Afghanistan gov't, and the Taliban, which could potentially lead to America's withdrawal.
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What do you think? Some believe America can withdraw without negotiating with the Taliban, arguing talks only elevate the group known for terrorizing its own people. Others say, negotiating peace with all parties will produce the best results for Afghanistan & America.

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