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Two Army soldiers, both husbands & fathers, killed in action in Afghanistan.

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What We Know

  • Both soldiers killed Friday, March 22 in Kunduz Province, Afghanistan.
  • While the U.S. military did not release details, NATO says American & Afghan forces engaged the Taliban Friday & Saturday near the city of Kunduz for “30 hours” – the Taliban reportedly used civilians to hide.
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“He wrote about 30 love letters and hid them in random places around the house for me to find, which I found most of them. So last night, it was really comforting sitting down, reading through those, because it’s almost like he was preparing for this exact scenario.”

Caela Collette, wife of Spc. Joseph "Joey" Collette. She says her 29-year-old husband knew he wanted to join the Army " soon as 9/11 happened, when we were kids..."
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“Will was one of the best in our formation, with more than a decade of service in the Regiment at all levels of noncommissioned officer leadership.”

Col. Lawrence Ferguson speaking about Sgt. 1st Class Will Lindsay, survived by his wife and 4 daughters.
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Why It Matters

  • Kunduz is the site of tough fighting with the Taliban in recent years. The Taliban have attempted, and at times succeeded, taking over territory, including Kunduz City.
  • The U.S. & the Taliban are actively negotiating a “peace settlement.” While negotiators cite progress, fierce fighting between the two sides continues.
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More than 2,400 U.S. soldiers have died in Afghanistan since 2001 - More than 20,000 others wounded - fighting America's longest war. The Taliban control more area in Afghanistan now than any other time during the war.

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