Hope Collapse

June 27, 2021
“You've gotta have hope and you've gotta have faith."

Alvarez on Monday said rescuers have found some “voids” or pockets in the wreckage of a Florida condo collapse, prompting some optimism of finding survivors. More than 150 people remain missing after the collapse early Thursday morning. Alvarez says more than 80 workers at a time are working through the rubble, trying to remove debris; rescuers are using every available resource – from dogs to a NASA microwave radar device – to try to locate signs of life. The cause of collapse remains a mystery, although more evidence is surfacing about prior warnings of structural issues.

Tunneling Florida rescuers spot voids, search for survivors

Before building collapse, $9M+ in repairs needed

Excerpt from The Washington Post:

Miami-Dade Fire Chief Alan Cominsky said he could not yet say when the search-and-rescue effort might shift to a recovery effort.

“Hope — that’s what I’m focusing on,” the fire chief said at Sunday’s news conference. “So I’m going to continue that as much as possible. That’s the driving message.”

He added: “We’re going to continue moving and moving and searching as hard as we can, for as long as we can, until we have to make that decision.”

He stressed that the type of building collapse that occurred in Surfside is a challenge and praised the level of support the teams are receiving.

“We’ll continue moving through and doing what we’re doing, and, you know, obviously trying the best that we can,” Cominsky said.

by Jenna Lee,