House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Working on Another Economic Stimulus Bill. She Says Lawmakers & the White House Need to Agree to a Plan in the Next 48-Hours to Have a Deal Before the Election.

October 18, 2020
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We don’t have agreement in the language yet, but I’m hopeful.

  • The current bill stands around $1.8 trillion dollars – a reduction of the House plan that passed with more than $2 trillion.
  • What’s the hold-up? In an interview, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used an example on COVID-19 contact tracing to show Democrats want a stronger national plan, with more specifics – versus deferring to the states.
  • Some Republicans feels too much “bail out” money is being provided to states with financial issues pre-dating COVID-19.
  • The House Speaker continues to negotiate with members of the administration; the Senate says it will vote on a separate bill this week around $500B – focusing mainly on extra unemployment benefits, schools, and paycheck protection program (loans to businesses).
  • Although the focus remains on Democrats and Republicans – some Republican lawmakers in the Senate do not like the idea of passing another massive stimulus plan.
  • Why This Matters: Passed stimulus bills gave Americans additional funds for unemployment benefits. Many are running out of benefits altogether.

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by Jenna Lee,