Race For House Speaker Continues

October 20, 2023

I’m concerned about where we go from here.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on the race for House speaker after Republicans failed to coalesce around a leader before heading into another weekend.

Why It Matters: Without a House speaker, official business in the House of Representatives grinds to a halt, effecting the legislative branch, and its ability to function (pass laws, etc).

Context: Elected as the majority party in the House, Republicans have the opportunity to rally behind a majority leader, but cannot agree on who should pick up the mantle vacated by McCarthy, when several Republicans decided to oust him from his position along with the House Democrats.

Watch former Speaker McCarthy

McCarthy squarely blames those Republicans who helped vote him out for the lack of progress: “The “Crazy Eights” led by Gaetz – The amount of damage they have done to the party and this country is insurmountable.” The eight lawmakers have now either voted to oust McCarthy, stood in the way of additional nominees (Rep. Steve Scalise – LA) or failed to influence other members to vote for their choice (Rep. Jim Jordan – Ohio).

Rep. Gaetz (Florida) commented separately in an interview that he believes the next person in the position will be “an upgrade”: “We’re shaking up Washington D.C. … The only reason why people think there is chaos in this town right now is because the special interest (groups) aren’t in control anymore.”

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by Jenna Lee,