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An estimate of how much the trade war between U.S. & China will cost your family on average by the end of the year.

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What’s Happening:

  • America wants better trade terms with China and has imposed tariffs, or taxes, on Chinese imports as a negotiating tactic. China retaliated on U.S. goods.
  • Tariffs are imposed periodically in a series of rounds targeting different items each time.
  • Sept 1. America imposed a new round of tariffs on more than $100B goods from China.
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Why It Matters:

First rounds of tariffs (launched last year) impacted big ticket items, like ovens or dishwashers, that many don’t buy very often.

Latest round of tariffs hit items you buy more often, such as clothes, shoes and baby gear.

Next *new* round of tariffs expected Dec. 15. on more consumer goods.

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What’s The Cost To You?

  • No one really knows for sure, but two economists tracking the impact say about $1.26 per day or $460 by the end of this year
  • Impact higher for rich ($970) & lower for poor ($340).
  • Depends on your shopping habits (what you buy) AND if companies pass higher costs on to you or find another way to absorb costs.
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Big Picture

Two largest economies in the world are at odds. Tariffs make commerce harder & economic growth can slow, impacting the global economy & sparking stock market volatility.

Big Question: Will this short term pain of higher costs to U.S. companies/consumers be worth long term gain of potentially better trade terms?

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More than 90% of all clothing and more than half of all shoes sold in America will be impacted by the latest round of tariffs. Forbes put together a list of items you should buy before the next round in Dec. Read it on our source page.

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