How Well Do You Know America?

October 19, 2018
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How Well Do You Know America?

While 90% of new immigrants applying for American citizenship pass the required civics exam, only 1 out of 3 current Americans can.

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The civics part of the naturalization exam requires applicants to correctly answer 6 out of 10 questionsA out of 100 possible civics questions.

The U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services administers the questions in person; the questions are picked at random.

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Example Questions

1. When was the U.S. Constitution written?

2. How many justices serve on the U.S. Supreme Court?

3. Who did the U.S. fight in World War II?


1. Constitution written? 1787
(13% Answered Correctly)

2. Supreme Court Justices? 9
(43% Answered Correctly)

3. WWII enemy? Japan, Germany, and Italy
(40% Answered Correctly)
"Unfortunately this study found the average American to be woefully uninformed regarding America’s history and incapable of passing the U.S. Citizenship Test.”

Woodrow Wilson Foundation Pres. Arthur Levine on the first of its kind survey. Since it's the first survey, we can't compare to past results, but the foundation intends to do further research.

Something To Consider:

  • Younger Americans did the worst. Only 19% of those younger than 45 passed the exam.
  • More than 70% of respondents couldn’t name original 13 colonies.
  • While survey was given to respondents on paper with multiple choice answers, those trying to pass citizenship test must answer questions verbally.

Informed or not, voters are headed to the polls next month, and both parties use American history to bolster their platforms. The question is: do Americans know enough to understand what's true American history and what's not?

by Jenna Lee,