I Voted

April 1, 2021


An iconic badge of patriotism.

Its origins? A little sticky…


  • No one really knows who “invented” the “I Voted” sticker:
  • 1982: Some say the tradition was created by Florida businesses offering discounts to patrons with a sticker.
  • 1985: The Phoenix Assoc. of Realtors claims first use of “I Voted” stickers.
  • 1987: An election supply company copyrights iconic waving-flag design.
  • 1988: The stickers are widely distributed throughout the U.S.
“To me, this sticker means that my voice is heard… It means that I have spoken up for what I feel is right for myself, my family and this country.”

Alabama voter Dawn Holman, who says she waited 3.5 hours to vote in the 2020 election and she’d happily do it again.

“People who get the sticker have already voted, so they’re motivated enough for it to have worked in the first place. If we could find the people who didn’t vote and give them a sticker saying ‘I Didn’t Vote,’ that could cause a greater increase in turnout.”

Prof. Costas Panagopoulos, Fordham University, found people are more likely to vote again if they’re thanked for voting in a prior election. Other research shows some vote to avoid shame of not voting.

“I Voted” stickers vary by state and even sometimes by city or county. Send us a photo of your sticker and tell us what your vote means to you.

What “I Voted” stickers look like in all 50 states ~ LOOK HERE

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by Jenna Lee,