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June 23, 1904

An unexpectedly mysterious (and delightful) invention bursts onto the world stage:

The ice cream cone.

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Full Disclaimer

No one knows with 100% certainty who invented the ice cream cone.

  • FOR YEARS, however, the commonly-believed date was June 23, 1904.
  • The inventor: An original foodie, Charles E. Menches.
  • A twist? Others who claim to have invented the ice cream cone *also* appeared at the 1904 St. Louis Fair.
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The Story Goes…

Charles observed a girl(s) using baked goods for ice cream as a serving bowl.

He took a cake, rolled it around his finger, and filled it with ice cream.

“It is from the time of the Fair that the edible ‘cornucopia,’ a cone made from a rolled waffle, vaulted into popularity in the United States.” Library of Congress


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Something To Consider:

“The average American consumes more than 23 pounds of ice cream per year.”

The International Dairy Foods Association
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An Italian patented an ice cream cone concept in 1903 but it described "edible cups with handles." Charles and Frank Menches also claimed to have invented the hamburger. Read more about the heated controversy over "who owns the cone" on our source page.

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