Number To Know

Why More of Your Money Is Likely Heading South

As news reports highlight conditions at the U.S. southern border, here are three numbers you should know about the state of illegal immigrationA and why lawmakers are expected to vote this week on sending more of your money to help.

Number To Know


  • Late last week: Lawyers tell the Associated Press nearly 250 minors are being held in a facility near El Paso, describing neglect by U.S. gov’t.
  • Minors include toddlers, young adults and teenage mothers w/their children.
  • Monday: Border Patrol tells AP it’s moving minors to other facilities, and out of Border Patrol custody.
Number To Know


  • Number of “family units” apprehended at U.S. southern border *so far* this year (Oct – May).
  • Family Units = individuals (either a child under 18, parent, or legal guardian) apprehended with a family member.
  • Context: During the same time period last year, 59,106 family units were apprehended.
Number To Know


  • Number of “Unaccompanied Alien Children” apprehended *so far* this year (Oct – May).
  • UAC = 17-yrs-old or younger w/o a parent or guardian who can provide “care or custody.”
  • Context: Gov’t cared for 49,100 UACs last year (Oct – Sept). More than 70% were young males over the age of 14. Average time held in gov’t custody: 44 days.
Number To Know


  • Number of individuals currently in Border Patrol custody.
  • Context: That’s 3x capacity.
  • Border Patrol will hold individuals with a criminal record, or those awaiting transfer to another gov’t facility (such as minors awaiting placement). Overwhelming majority of those apprehended are released to general public within 72 hours.
Number To Know

The House & Senate both have proposals for approx. $4.5B of additional funding related to illegal immigration at the U.S. southern border. Border Patrol to AP: "...we urgently need additional humanitarian funding to manage this crisis."

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