August 29, 2022

SmartHER With War Reporter Hollie McKay and Ahmad Naweed

Who is a “fixer,” what do they do, and why do they matter? In the world of journalism, a fixer is an important person who the audience rarely sees but who is essential to news gathering in nearly every way. They serve as a lifeline for both the reporter and the story — as you’ll hear in this special conversation between veteran war reporter Hollie McKay and her fixer, Ahmad Naweed, who lives in Kabul. Listen to this interview below or on Podcasting platform everywhere. Apple or Spotify

Listen as the two share insights into a world few of us know, explaining what it’s like to work under Taliban rule in a country transitioning power virtually overnight. You will hear them reflect on the extraordinary situations they navigated: close calls averted, adventures shared, and what life is like in Afghanistan one year after the Taliban takeover of the country and the withdrawal of the United States.

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