INTERVIEW: ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas”

December 22, 2023

SmartHER With Author Pamela McColl

“Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house …” The poem often referred to as “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas” first appeared on December 23, 1823 in a New York state newspaper. 

The author? Originally “Anonymous.”

But despite that, 200 years later, many of us can recite much of it from heart. While the mystery over who precisely penned this famous Christmas poem swirled for years, the impact of the lyrical writing remains undeniable – many believe our collective image of Santa and his “eight tiny reindeer” came from this poem and has endured the changing times and tastes, including historian and author Pamela Mccoll who took ten years to research the poem’s origins and global impact in her book, “Twas the Night: The Art and History of the Classic Christmas Poem.” Pam shares the curious origins of the poem (including party-filled streets of New York City) and why she believes it has such incredible lasting power.

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by Jenna Lee,