INTERVIEW: Why Trust The CDC? Plus NEW Guidance

March 10, 2021

SmartHER With Dr.Darria & Dr.Rutland

From @cdcgov “On July 1, 1946 the Communicable Disease Center (CDC) opened its doors and occupied one floor of a small building in Atlanta. Its primary mission was simple yet highly challenging: prevent malaria from spreading across the nation. Armed with a budget of only $10 million and fewer than 400 employees, the agency’s early challenges included obtaining enough trucks, sprayers, and shovels necessary to wage war on mosquitoes.”

@drdarria joins us with an impromptu visit with @drjrutland !! Plus – we get to see his shoe closet – total bonus. 👟

Btw – I got excited being unscripted and I missed a word “live” – What was the ORIGINAL title of @cdcgov ? “Communicable Disease Center” – it is NOW Centers For Disease Control. Thanks @drdarria for listening and clarifying. One word can make a big difference!

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