Inventor Of Sewing Machine Born

April 2, 2021
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July 9, 1819

The man who invented the sewing machine was born.

His idea was revered, rejected and finally embraced, changing the world forever.

Elias Howe

  • Born in Massachusetts.
  • He created the concept while working in a machinist shop; demonstrated & patented the sewing machine in 1846 but he couldn’t gain momentum.
  • Howe traveled to England to promote his invention to no avail.
  • Meanwhile, several U.S. companies started making sewing machines.
  • Howe, near broke, sued for illegal use of his patent and won.

“The mechanical sewing machine was one in a series of technological innovations that transformed the nature of work over the course of the nineteenth century…By 1900, most Americans employed in manufacturing no longer worked at home with their hands but in centralized factories with powered machinery.”

The Library of Congress noting women & children started entering the workforce.

One of America's largest retailers Wal-Mart, said demand for sewing machines and do-it-yourself projects have increased during the pandemic. Interesting to Note: Howe's legal victories made him a millionaire. He supported a regiment of Union troops during the Civil War, serving himself.

Today in history from the Library of Congress: CLICK HERE


by Jenna Lee,