Iran Launches Direct Attack on Israel

April 13, 2024

Our commitment to Israel’s security against threats from Iran and its proxies is ironclad.

President Biden responding to Iran targeted Israel with an unprecedented number of direct attacks on Saturday. No deaths reported.

Why This Matters: We have never seen an attack like this on Israel by Iran. This marks a major escalation in the ongoing tense and at times, violent relationship, between Israel and Iran.

Israel reported the Iranian attacks numbered more than 300 – including drone attacks, cruise and ballistic missiles.

Iran said its attack represents retaliation for an attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria that killed several high-ranking military officials, reportedly involved in the planning of the October 7th terror attack by the Iranian-backed terrorist group, Hamas on October 7th. However, tensions between the two nations have existed for decades, previewed by attacks by Iran-funded terrorist groups like Hamas (Gaza), and Hezbollah (Lebanon).

The U.S. designated Iran a state sponsor of terrorism for “repeatedly provid(ing) support for acts of international terrorism” in 1984. North Korea, Syria and Cuba also have that designation. Iran supports groups like Hamas (Gaza), and Hezbollah (Lebanon).

Booms and sirens in Israel after Iran launches over 200 missiles and drones in unprecedented attack

by Jenna Lee,