Iran detainees are freed

October 5, 2022

Baquer #Namazi has finally left #Iran after 6.5 years as an illegal detainee!

Jared Genser, a U.S. lawyer representing the Namazi family, announcing Baquer Namazi’s release from Iran. The 85-year-old former UNICEF official travelled to Iran in 2016 to help free his son, who still remains in Iran. The U.N. has deemed both individuals wrongly accused.

Background: Iranian-American Siamak Namazi travelled to Iran in 2015 on a business trip and was arrested for spying charges. His father, Baquer Namazi, was imprisoned the next year on a trip to free his son. The U.S. has cited both prison charges as unjust.

Why It Matters: Baquer Namazi is the first American to be released from Iran in recent years. It comes at a unique time as Iranian protests continue to make headlines and President Biden seeks pursues nuclear negotiations between the two countries.

The son, Siamak Namazi (51), was released from prison over the weekend and allowed to go to a family home to see his father. However, he is not permitted to leave Iran.

Detained Iranian-American, 85, leaves Iran for major surgery (The Associated Press)

Iran allows ailing American Baquer Namazi to leave the country for treatment (NPR)

Namazi family lawyer’s Tweet with photo of Baquer Namazi

by Jenna Lee,