Iran prison fire

October 17, 2022

It is absolutely terrifying as it is to be in that concrete cell, let alone to have fire raging outside your cell, explosions happening, sound of gunshots.

A former prisoner at Iran’s Evin Prison, where a fire erupted over the weekend. Details are still unclear. The prison is a holding facility for political detainees, with many Iranians being sent there in recent weeks amidst anti-government protests.

Why It Matters: The fire at Evin Prison, which is one of Tehran, Iran’s most guarded facilities, killed at least eight inmates. It is unclear how the fire started or if it is connected with anti-government protests currently taking place in Iran. The protests have entered a fifth week.

Satellite photos show damage at Iran prison amid protests (The Associated Press)

Evin prison fire: Several dead after fire at Iran’s notorious detention centre (BBC)

by Jenna Lee,