Iran Protests

September 22, 2022

The anger on the streets is palpable.

Deputy director at the Center for Human Rights in Iran, Jasmin Ramsey. Antigovernment protests are ongoing since the death of a 22-year-old woman who was arrested for violating Iran’s head covering mandate.

Background: In Iran, all women above the age of puberty are required to wear loose clothing and a head covering. Iran’s morality police arrested Mahsa Amini last week for violating the state-mandated dress code. After taken into police custody, she passed away. The government reported that Amini died from a heart attack. Her family said she was healthy at the time of the arrest.

Why It Matters: Protests emerged over the weekend and have continued throughout the country with people criticizing the Islamic Republic for their treatment of women and “repressive policing”; at least 9 people have died, according to The Associated Press’ count done Thursday. Internet and phone service has been disrupted as well as ongoing Instagram and WhatsApp outages.

At least 9 killed as Iran protests spread over woman’s death (The Associated Press)

Protests Intensify in Iran Over Woman Who Died in Custody (The New York Times)

by Jenna Lee,