Israel and Hamas Agree to Four-Day Cease-Fire

November 22, 2023

… at least 50 abductees — women and children — will be released for four days, during which there will be a lull in the fighting.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announcing the first cease-fire since the war began over six weeks ago. Hamas described the conditions as a “humanitarian truce.”

What To Know: On Wednesday, Israel and Hamas reached a deal that would bring a 4-day pause to fighting and release some of the hostages held by Hamas. At least 50 hostages will be released by Hamas over the four-day pause while “the release of every 10 additional abductees will result in an additional day of respite,” according to the Israeli government. Reports indicate three Americans to be among the hostages released.

Israel will halt its military offensive during this time. Some report that Israel will release some Palestinian prisoners (The New York Times reports: “150 Palestinian women and detainees under 19 held in Israeli jails”) and increase humanitarian aid, but that has been unconfirmed by Prime Minister Netanyahu. He says he plans to continue the war after the pause.

Announced by Qatar, the deal is expected to be implemented on Thursday morning.

Why It Matters: The potential cease-fire would mark the first pause in fighting since the war began over six weeks ago.

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by Sarah Pinkerton,