Israel Pfizer Variant

July 25, 2021
Israel Pfizer Variant

We are still not sure about whether the reduction in effectiveness is due to time passed or [a] question of the variant.

Israeli Dr. Nadav Davidovitch on new data raising questions about the efficacy of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Dr. Davidovitch advises the Israeli government on pandemic policy (he's quoted in this article by The Wall Street Journal).
  • New data released by the Israeli government shows the Pfizer vaccine to be 39% effective in preventing infection; 40% effective in preventing symptomatic illness.
  • The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine *also* continues to show efficacy in reducing hospitalizations and severe disease.
  • The delta variant is the dominant strain in Israel – a nation that vaccinated the majority of its population early on with the Pfizer vaccine.
  • Why It Matters: Questions remain about the threat posed by the delta variant, currently present in more than 100 countries; the effectiveness of existing COVID-19 vaccines against this variant is just one question. Some health policy experts are considering the efficacy of a booster shot, but also considering/requiring masks again (even for vaccinated individuals) to stop the transmission of this variant which the American CDC Director calls one of the most contagious respiratory viruses known.

There's some conflicting data right now about the delta variant and existing COVID-19 vaccines – here's an interesting read that compares what we're seeing in the UK vs. Israel: Is Israel or the UK right when it comes to COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness?

by Jenna Lee,