January 2022 Southwest Border

February 21, 2022
January 2022 United States Southwest Border Data

You’re seeing elements of what could be a future strategy for managing the border that’s different from what we’ve seen during the past year, but I don’t think we know what it is yet.

President of the non-partisan Migration Policy Institute, Andrew Selee, on potential strategies the Biden admin may soon implement to manage immigration at the U.S. southwest border.
  • Though the number of people who attempted entry along the U.S. southwest border in January is 14% less than those encountered in December, January's data still marks a record-high for the month — with the highest number of encounters seen in January in over 20 years.
  • Those encountered included: Single adults (73%); family unit individuals (21%); unaccompanied children (6%).
  • Of the 153,941 total encounters along the southern border, about one in four people had already had a previous encounter within the last year.
  • Just over half of all people encountered were expelled under Title 42 — a provision re: public health safety during a pandemic. *Note: Unaccompanied children are not expelled under Title 42.*

Why It Matters: The pace of people attempting entry along the U.S. southwest border is historically high, and has been since March of 2021. The govt. follows a fiscal year calendar (Oct. 2020 – Sept. 2021). In fiscal year 2021, CBP reported the highest number of encounters ever recorded (1.9M+). A quarter of the way into fiscal year 2022, CBP has now recorded over half a million encounters of people attempting entry into the U.S. along the southwest border.

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