January 6th hearing day 2

June 13, 2022

He was becoming detached from reality.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr in recorded testimony for the investigation by the House Select Committee into January 6th, referring to President Trump in the weeks that followed the election of 2020.

Why It Matters: Former Attorney General Barr and others close to President Trump repeatedly stated to the committee in recorded testimony that they told the President his claims about fraud in the election were unsubstantiated. The committee argues their investigation shows President Trump not only knew the fraud claims were “bogus” (Barr’s words) but that Pres. Trump pursued them anyways in political office, as well as used these claims to fundraise hundreds of millions of dollars.”

The committee can refer their findings to the Justice Department for potential charges. One area the committee seems to be emphasizing is potential allegations of fraudulent fundraising.

Jan. 6 witness: Trump ‘detached from reality’ over election

by Jenna Lee,