Johns Hopkins

April 2, 2021

May 19, 1795

Johns Hopkins is born.

The namesake of a research leader in the COVID-19 pandemic started out at a grocery store.

Don’t Forget The “S”

  • One of 11 children, Johns was his great grandmother’s maiden name.
  • Born to Quakers in Maryland who were early abolitionists.
  • Hopkins worked his family’s tobacco fields. One of his first jobs? Apprentice at his uncle’s wholesale grocery store.
  • Established himself as a trader (supplying goods), whiskey maker/seller, banker, investor, and leading business man in Baltimore.
“It is my wish that the plan…shall provide for a hospital, which shall, in construction and arrangement, compare favorably with any institution of like character in this country or in Europe…”

Nine months before his death, Johns Hopkins wrote that he envisioned his $7M fortune would fund a hospital (and research university) that could provide equal care to the poor and wealthy. Comparable to about $11B in today’s money, Hopkins’ gift was the largest charity donation in America at the time.

Claims To Fame

  • First hospital in America with central heat. Featured special ventilation systems to circulate air and curved corners in rooms to prevent the collection of dust.
  • First hospital to use rubber gloves in surgery.
  • First to discover CPR.
  • First major medical school in America to admit women; Hopkins purposefully also funded a school of nursing.

Johns Hopkins never married, reportedly pledging never to do so after falling in love with a cousin as a teenager (his uncle disapproved). Hopkins set aside some of his fortune to also open an orphanage for African American children. Check out the interactive Johns Hopkins research models on our source page.

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